Laser Hair Removal In Southend

Laser Hair Removal using a top of the range CE Medical Grade Diode Laser Machine. We use the latest gold standard in laser hair removal to provide the best results, 8-18 sessions are recommended to achieve completely hair free results. 

Extra large areas


Full Leg | Hollywood | Upper & Lower Back | Chest & Tummy

Large areas


Half leg | Brazilian | Full arm | Upper Back | Upper Chest 

Medium areas


Extended Bikini | Half arm | Lower back | Lower tummy 

Small area


Bikini | Underarm | upper shoulders | Back of Neck | Buttocks | Tummy line 

Facial area


Upper lip | Lower lip & chin | Jaw line | Neck | sides of face 


£100 Full leg, Bikini & Underarm

£150 Full leg, Hollywood & Underarm

Up to 70% off discounts for multiple areas in one appointment and you can pay as you go, message us with the areas you require for a quote. 

IPL Laser Skin Treatments

IPL is an intense, pulsed, light used in a non-abrasive way to rejuvenate the skin. It is non invasive and there is very minimal down time.

Full Face Rejuvenation | Acne

£95 – 20 mins

Half Face Rejuvenation | Acne

£55 – 15 mins

Thread Vein Treatment

From £30