Advanced Facial Treatments In Southend

Advanced Machine Facials

DermaCo Pro VX facial machine offers the latest state of the art non surgical face lift and microdermabasion system.

It has 6 very different functions to work on toning, lifting and firming the muscles, also providing a deep exfoliation to help with skin rejuvenation, acne, scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, rosacea and more. Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Ultra Sound, Microcurrent and Led Light Therapy.

Microdermabrasion Facial

45mins – £38
Course of 5 £165

BIO Lift – Non Surgical Face Lift

45mins – £38
Course of 5 £165

Combination of both – Deluxe Anti Ageing

60mins – £60
Course of 5 £250

Aqua Plus Facial –  Hyrda Facial

Provides immediate and instantly visible results. The combination of the suction and solutions reach down into the skin to unblock pores, remove blackheads, bacteria, spots and pustules, and generally carry pollutants away from the skin. This is then followed by a further stage to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it both refreshed, and rejuvenated.

60mins – £60

Plasma Pen – Skin Tightening

Plasma Pen (Fibroblast) uses plasma to reduce the volume of excess skin without the need for surgery, it creates tiny controlled blasts one at a time into the skin which causes targeted trauma and causes the skin to shrink and produce more collagen.  

£95 per area

(additional areas at the same time £45)

Upper eye | Lower eye | Crows feet
Upper lip | Lower lip | Side of lips 
Side of ear | Middle Frown Lines | Top Frown lines 

£135 per area

(additional areas at the same time £65)

Cheeks | Neck | Around belly button 

Plasma Pen Skin Tag Removal

Small Skin Tags

(each additional £13)

Medium Skin Tags

(each additional £18)

Large Skin Tags

(each additional £23)
*may require 2 sessions 


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin and peach fuzz hairs. The procedure makes the skin’s surface look smooth and able to absorb the professional products we use to deeper layers. We provide a full facial treatment not just dermaplaning alone to maximise the outcome. 

Cleanse, tone, dermaplaning, hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 formula, mask, moisturise

£38 – 45mins 

Glycolic Chemical Peel

Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells leaving skin with better colour and texture, reduces Acne, Contains Vitamin C, a topical antioxidant which leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and revitalised. The peel will leave the skin able to absorb the professional products we apply to deeper layers. 

£55 – 30mins

Radio Frequency Micro-Needling

The micro-needles inject radiofrequency energy into the skin with a series of tiny needles. The needles and the radiofrequency energy stimulate collagen. The needles quickly penetrate the skin and withdraw immediately which creates a micro-trauma in the skin stimulating the healing response while radiofrequency uses heat to shrink wrap and tighten the skin.

It can be used on the face, neck and body for skin tightening and contouring.

It stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, resulting in firmer, smoother, more lifted and hydrated skin.

The penetration depth of the needles can be altered to work on different parts of the face and can even be used around the sensitive eye area.The treatment remodels and contours the face and body into a more desired smooth and sleek appearance, and works for all skin tones for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

£130 per treatment 

“Offer £75 per treatment”

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing, or cryogenic lipolysis, is exactly like what it sounds – fat cells are frozen for a period of time in the aim to reduce them, and it’s a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

It originated after research was done into frostbite, and it was noted that fat cells would freeze before skin freezes.

As it’s a procedure done by a professional, it can selectively target anywhere, such as tummy, thighs, or arms, so that the patient can choose their problematic areas.

Triglyceride in fat solidifies at about -4 degrees, at that low temperature the cells die, decompose through the liver and the metabolism, then excreted out of body naturally.

Some stubborn fat bulges are immune to diet and exercise. The silicone Cryo cup will target and cool fat cells to temperatures that trigger fat cell apoptosis. There is no damage to nerves or other tissues because lipids in fat crystallize at a warmer temperature than water in other cell types. 

Following the treatment, fat cells enter an apoptotic death sequence and are gradually removed in the next few weeks and months by the immune system. Leaving the fat layer thickness significantly reduced.

After exposing the fat to cold for a certain amount of time, the scientists found the fat cells had become terminally injured and that they gradually die over time following their exposure to the cold. The body removes these dying cells naturally, through the natural processes and lymphatic system, and it does so safely with no increase in cholesterol or triglyceride levels in the blood.

Prefect client for this treatment:

-Someone who has stubborn fat area/s that has not responded to normal diet and exercise 

-Someone who is eating sensibly and not consuming too much fat (the daily recommended amount for your body type is fine, you don’t need to diet) 

-Someone who is committed to losing fat to work along side a new healthy eating plan 

-Someone who wants to contour areas of their body 

The treatment also includes cavitation and radio frequency to help break down the fat cells and tighten skin 

*the fat cells targeted will gradually die after the treatment (over days, weeks, months) but if you continue to eat too much fat new ones will form in there place over time. 

One Area


Two Areas

Within the same treatment £95